Vegetarian and Seafood

Any one of the following dishes may be selected as a replacement for the Churrasco meat grill Menu for Vegetarian or seafood lovers.


Brazilian Nut crusted Fish: $32
Fresh Barra crusted and pan-fried served with balsamic roasted baby carrots and cherry tomatoes

Seafood Moqueca: $32
Sautéed fish, squid and mussels and roasted capsicum braised in a traditional Brazilian coconut herb sauce. Served with aromatic rice or flame grilled bread.


Linguine Pasta: $29
Linguine tossed in a creamy medley of mushrooms with toasted pine nuts

Brazilian Nut Risotto: $29
Delicately cooked risotto with sun dried tomatoes, crisp asparagus and toasted nuts

Garden Vegetable Moqueca: $29
Slow cooked vegetables in a traditional Brazilian coconut herb sauce topped with a mashed potato crust

Three Bean Casseroles: $29
Beans and potato casserole served with aromatic lemon rice.

Crusty Stuffed Capsicum: $29
Filled with cassava, potatoes, green peas, sundried tomatoes, olives, feta and mushrooms.

Camarao a Baiana: $32
Bahia style Prawn Curry served with aromatic lemon rice

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